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INSIGHT Tiny tool X (Quick Change micro boring tools)

INSIGHT Tiny Tool X series includes Boring,Grooving,Threading, and even the Tool Holders.

Benefit from the special design of the shank geometry and tight control of length tolerances,INSIGHT Tiny Tool X series can improve the production utilization rate,

and there is no need to tool setting when changing the same item.it means quick change between boring tool and Tool Holder.

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INSIGHT Tiny tool(Standard micro boring tool)

Insight Tiny Tools mainly used for internal hole processing for lathe, includes Boring,Profiling,Threading,Grooving tools and even the inner coolant Tool Holders.

And we have many specification in stock,which almost can satisfied all you need.

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Carbide and spring steel clamping tools (collet and guide bush) for lathe

Our collets & guide bushings with carbide or spring steel are manufactured to high precision for Swiss type automatice, used for lathe brand from Swiss,Janpan,Korea,German and so on.


They are available in: 

Round,Hexagon,Square,Rectangle,Triangle,Ellipse,Eccentric Hole,Step Hole,Taper Step Hole,Octagon Hole,Six Slots Hole,Special Hole. 

Also available in: Smooth Bore,Grooved Bore,Powerful Grip,S-slots type,Long-nose S-slots, Standard Carbide,Long Carbide,Standare Lenght, Extended Nose Length.

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INSIGHT Carbide Drill Bits

INSIGHT carbide drills includes tens of thousands of specification from 0.2mm-16mm. Both inner coolant or not are all in stock.

We also can accepted customized,Including but not limited to step drills, nonstandard diameter drills,special edge drills and so on.

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INSIGHT HSSE HSS-CO PM Taps(spiral,apex,taflet)

Our taps are manufactured to high quality with HSSE,HEE-CO,PM material. 

Mainly ISO/JIS spiral taps,apexs,tafet taps with metric coarse/fine threads, also have a wealth of experience to produce DIN371 taps. 

Welcome for your inquiry : insight002@insight-t.com

INSIGHT carbide threaded mills

Insight carbide threading milling tools is applicable to Aluminum,Non-ferrous metals,Non-metallic

Carbon steel,Alloy steel,Quenched and tempeped steel,SUS,Mold steel,Titanium alloy,Other steel,Ductile iron and so on.

We have series in stock:

ISO A60/A55 Single/Three/Full Teeth,

British system and the U.S System,

PG German A80 and MJ Military.

If you have nonn-stardard requirment, please let us know : insight002@insight-t.com

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